Many of the associated tools and resources that we're developing alongside spaCy can be found in their own repositories.

Developer tools

spaCy Models Model releases for spaCy.
spaCy Dev Resources Scripts, tools and resources for developing spaCy, adding new languages and training new models.
spaCy Benchmarks Runtime performance comparison of spaCy against other NLP libraries.
spaCy Services REST microservices for spaCy demos and visualisers.
spaCy Notebooks Jupyter notebooks for spaCy examples and tutorials.

Libraries and projects

sense2vec Use spaCy to go beyond vanilla Word2vec.

Utility libraries and dependencies

Thinc spaCy's Machine Learning library for NLP in Python.
Cymem Gate Cython calls to malloc/free behind Python ref-counted objects.
Preshed Cython hash tables that assume keys are pre-hashed
MurmurHash Cython bindings for MurmurHash2.

Visualisers and demos

displaCy.js A lightweight dependency visualisation library for the modern web, built with JavaScript, CSS and SVG. Demo here.
displaCyENT A lightweight and modern named entity visualisation library built with JavaScript and CSS. Demo here.
sense2vec Demo Source of our Semantic Analysis of the Reddit Hivemind demo using sense2vec.