TWiML & AI: Practical NLP with spaCy and Prodigy

May 2019

"Ines and I caught up to discuss her various projects, including the aforementioned spaCy, an open-source NLP library built with a focus on industry and production use cases. In our conversation, Ines gives us an overview of the spaCy Library, a look at some of the use cases that excite her, and the Spacy community and contributors. We also discuss her work with Prodigy, an annotation service tool that uses continuous active learning to train models, and finally, what other exciting projects she is working on."

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Sam Charrington

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If you have a project that you want the spaCy community to make use of, you can suggest it by submitting a pull request to the spaCy website repository. The Universe database is open-source and collected in a simple JSON file. For more details on the formats and available fields, see the documentation. Looking for inspiration your own spaCy plugin or extension? Check out the project idea label on the issue tracker.

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