State-of-the-art coreference resolution based on neural nets and spaCy

This coreference resolution module is based on the super fast spaCy parser and uses the neural net scoring model described in Deep Reinforcement Learning for Mention-Ranking Coreference Models by Kevin Clark and Christopher D. Manning, EMNLP 2016. With ✨Neuralcoref v2.0, you should now be able to train the coreference resolution system on your own dataset — e.g., another language than English! — provided you have an annotated dataset.


from neuralcoref import Coref coref = Coref() clusters = coref.one_shot_coref(utterances=u"She loves him.", context=u"My sister has a dog.") mentions = coref.get_mentions() utterances = coref.get_utterances() resolved_utterance_text = coref.get_resolved_utterances()
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