Mastering spaCy

Packt, 2021

Mastering spaCy

This is your ultimate spaCy book. Master the crucial skills to use spaCy components effectively to create real-world NLP applications with spaCy. Explaining linguistic concepts such as dependency parsing, POS-tagging and named entity extraction with many examples, this book will help you to conquer computational linguistics with spaCy. The book further focuses on ML topics with Keras and Tensorflow. You'll cover popular topics, including intent recognition, sentiment analysis and context resolution; and use them on popular datasets and interpret the results. A special hands-on section on chatbot design is included.

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Duygu Altinok


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If you have a project that you want the spaCy community to make use of, you can suggest it by submitting a pull request to the spaCy website repository. The Universe database is open-source and collected in a simple JSON file. For more details on the formats and available fields, see the documentation. Looking for inspiration your own spaCy plugin or extension? Check out the project idea label on the issue tracker.

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