A Linguistic Feature Extraction (Text Analysis) Tool for Readability Assessment and Text Simplification

LingFeat is a feature extraction library which currently extracts 255 linguistic features from English string input. Categories include syntax, semantics, discourse, and also traditional readability formulas. Published in EMNLP 2021.


from lingfeat import extractor text = 'TAEAN, South Chungcheong Province -- Just before sunup, Lee Young-ho, a seasoned fisherman with over 30 years of experience, silently waits for boats carrying blue crabs as the season for the seafood reaches its height. Soon afterward, small and big boats sail into Sinjin Port in Taean County, South Chungcheong Province, the second-largest source of blue crab after Incheon, accounting for 29 percent of total production of the country. A crane lifts 28 boxes filled with blue crabs weighing 40 kilograms each from the boat, worth about 10 million won ($8,500). “It has been a productive fall season for crabbing here. The water temperature is a very important factor affecting crab production. They hate cold water,” Lee said. The temperature of the sea off Taean appeared to have stayed at the level where crabs become active. If the sea temperature suddenly drops, crabs go into their winter dormancy mode, burrowing into the mud and sleeping through the cold months.' #Pass text LingFeat = extractor.pass_text(text) #Preprocess text LingFeat.preprocess() #Extract features #each method returns a dictionary of the corresponding features #Advanced Semantic (AdSem) Features WoKF = LingFeat.WoKF_() #Wikipedia Knowledge Features WBKF = LingFeat.WBKF_() #WeeBit Corpus Knowledge Features OSKF = LingFeat.OSKF_() #OneStopEng Corpus Knowledge Features #Discourse (Disco) Features EnDF = LingFeat.EnDF_() #Entity Density Features EnGF = LingFeat.EnGF_() #Entity Grid Features #Syntactic (Synta) Features PhrF = LingFeat.PhrF_() #Noun/Verb/Adj/Adv/... Phrasal Features TrSF = LingFeat.TrSF_() #(Parse) Tree Structural Features POSF = LingFeat.POSF_() #Noun/Verb/Adj/Adv/... Part-of-Speech Features #Lexico Semantic (LxSem) Features TTRF = LingFeat.TTRF_() #Type Token Ratio Features VarF = LingFeat.VarF_() #Noun/Verb/Adj/Adv Variation Features PsyF = LingFeat.PsyF_() #Psycholinguistic Difficulty of Words (AoA Kuperman) WoLF = LingFeat.WorF_() #Word Familiarity from Frequency Count (SubtlexUS) Shallow Traditional (ShTra) Features ShaF = LingFeat.ShaF_() #Shallow Features (e.g. avg number of tokens) TraF = LingFeat.TraF_() #Traditional Formulas

Author info

Bruce W. Lee (이웅성)


Categories research scientific

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